Hey there, peops!* I’m Daniel Lang.


Welcome to my website.

Here, you’ll find links to most of my social media profiles, as well as links to some of my writing, videos, and designs (eventually).

You’re also in the right place if you’re looking for a resume or would like to hire me for contract work (also, eventually).

My official background is in secondary English education, though I have experience (official and otherwise!) in many fields.

I’m interested in technology, education, video games, literature, video editing, and graphic design, to name a few.

I work consistently to better myself and my understanding of others. I’m endlessly fascinated by a consideration of our (humanity’s) place in the cosmos, our responsibilities as the (theoretically) most advanced species on our planet, and what it all means—if anything. 

I am eternally (so far) optimistic, but strive to communicate openly and honestly, even when it’s hard. 

Whatever brings you here to my humble internet abode, I hope you find what you’re looking for. 

* peops (pronounced pee-ops)

plural noun, singular peop

Alternative spelling and pronunciation of the word “peeps,” used to refer to people in general, a group of people, or to one’s friends, family, followers, etc.

example: I’m going to have to ask my peops about this. 

Selfie of Daniel Lang in a flower-print shirt, and wearing rainbow glasses.